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The saviour of cold hands this winter

Are your hands always cold in the winter? Can't wear gloves because you always need to tend to your little one at a moments notice? Is your phone always buried somewhere at the bottom of the change bag, on 15% battery? Yes? We're with you! 

The HottMitt has been designed to solve those problems for you. The HottMitt is a heated mitten with a place to store your phone (you can still use the touch screen). The HottMitt will even charge your phone on-the-go!

Insulated thermal technology

Don't let little problems turn in to big problems.

The HottMitt has been designed for parents by parents. We know what it's like to spend half an hour getting out of the house only to forget about yourself! 

The HottMitt might not change the world, but it might help make your world a happier, warmer place.  

Use and charge your phone on-the-go.

The HottMitt is not only designed to keep your hands warm and toasty while you are out and about. 

Thanks to our ClearTouch technology, the HottMitt allows you to use your phone's touchscreen whilst it is tucked away in the central pouch. You can also charge and use your phone within the HottMitt.

What Parents Say

Frequently asked questions:

How does the HottMitt fit to the pushchair?

The HottMitt is secured by two simple elasticated Velcro tabs. 
These stretch from the thumb compartment to the underside of the palm of the mitten. This allows you to hold the pushchair handle as usual, but stops it from falling off when you remove your hands. 

Will it fit my pushchair?

The HottMitt is designed to work with any pushchair that has a ‘hoop’ style handle (shown on the grey pushchair). 

If your pushchair has two separate handles (shown on the red pushchair) then the HottMitt is not compatible unfortunately. You'll have to stick with the gloves for now! 

Why is there a 5 minute timer?

During testing we found that 5 minutes of heating delivered the perfect amount of warmth. 

The button will glow red when the heater is on, so if you still need additional warmth after the first 5 minutes then just press the button and it will restart the timer.

Using a 5 minute timer means that you won't use battery power needlessly, which in turn means that you're more likely to have power when you need it. 

How long will the battery last?

The battery that is supplied has a capacity of 5000mAh. Each 5 minute burst of heating uses approximately 3-5% of the battery capacity which means you have around 20-30 bursts before you use up the whole battery. A modern mobile phone battery is approximately 2000mAh-2500mAh, so you could charge a phone fully twice with a full HottMitt battery. 

In reality you will use a combination of these functions. There is enough power for a full day of being out and about with your little ones without having to worry about battery power. Of course that depends on if you’ve remembered to charge the battery!

Will my phone fit in the HottMitt?

The ClearTouch window is 95mm wide and 150mm tall, so if your phone is no larger than that then you can use it in the HottMitt.

Will all of the functions work through the ClearTouch window?

The ClearTouch window allows you to use a touch screen as you would normally. 

Some phones (such as the iPhone 8) have a button that needs a human touch to operate it, so this function won’t work. 

We have tested face recognition functions and they appear to work as normal.

Can I wash the HottMitt?

The removable orange inner lining is machine washable (refer to the label). 

The grey outer of the mitten is NOT machine washable as it contains electronic components and heating elements. If you need to clean the outer mitten you should just use a damp cloth and soapy water. 

Note that washing the outer mitten may effect the water-resistant coating.

How water-resistant is the HottMitt?

The HottMitt has a water repellent coating which will keep the inner of the mitten dry during rain showers. 

Note that HottMitt is not ‘waterproof’. 

Please note that the coating that is applied to the outer mitten is guaranteed for 12 months, but its effectiveness will reduce naturally over time. 

One Size Fits All

What's in the box?

In the (beautiful) box, you will find: 

1 x HottMitt
1 x 5000mAh HottMitt USB battery pack 

1 x USB charging cable 

1 x User guide

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