It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that the time has come to say goodnight to HottMitt. 

If HottMitt is so great, why are we stopping it? 

The HottMitt was the brainchild of Mark Stewart, who came up with the idea when his kids were babies. After a couple of years of development and hard work, the HottMitt was released just before the COVID pandemic swept the world. 

Mark's main business (Stewart Golf) is in the golf industry, which was one of the few industries to largely benefit from the pandemic. The resultant growth of Stewart Golf meant that Mark hasn't been able to give the HottMitt the attention that it deserves. So despite the amazing reaction it's had, the decision has been made not to place another production order. 

What now then? 

If you're experienced in sales and marketing and think you could take the HottMitt concept and run with it, please get in touch. With the right investment & enthusiasm the HottMitt can be a stellar success!