Welcome to the all-new HottMitt!

We are proud to present this new product to all of the Mums and Dads out there! This is an accessory that for once is all about the parents and not the baby. After all, parents do deserve a treat as well from time to time... 

The HottMitt is designed as a mitten which straps onto the handle of a child's pushchair or buggy so that parents can push whilst keeping their hands warm during the UK's cold cold winters.

The HottMitt warms hands with heating elements within which are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. It is so simple to use with a simple on and off button which illuminates to display the mittens are being heated! 

Coupled with have cosy and warm hands while parents are out exploring, the HottMitt also has a pouch which stores and displays a mobile phone and the ability to charge on the go via the battery inside.